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Wealth is a Mind$et

Wealth is a Mind$et is your GPS to Building Your Empire!  People all over the world is talking about this bout on how this book is not just a book but a workbook and journal all-in-one.  Wealth is a Mind$et covers everything underneath the financial umbrella in 12 thrall chapters.

We are living in an epic period of change, danger and opportunity.  The economy is crashing and booming every few years. People are getting fired and replaced by computers.  Every “fix” from the government makes things worse.  “Wealth is a Mind$et” contains answers.  This is the field guide to the “New World” we live in. You can play by the old rules and get left behind, or you can use these new ideas and become wealthy.

This book will help recondition your mindset.  Sometimes the truth is hard to take. But for those who are ready to hear, I updated map of the new territory for generating wealth and financial freedom.  This book is the eye-opener of the century, it is the guide to building, keeping, and investing your money and breaking free from the chains of rusted, old thinking.

If you follow the beliefs, philosophies, and strategies of the rich and take action, you have a legitimate shot at becoming a millionaire.  The secret is not in the mechanics of money, but in the level of thinking that generates it. Once you learn to embrace this, your earning potential is limitless.

After you read Wealth is a Mind$et you will be off to a new start with my Key’s Tips and Tricks.

The greatest successes of your life are still to come; You’re Your Most Valuable Asset.  Let’s focus on building your economy first since you are in control of you vs the economy which you have no control over.

By: Shynna Key- The Financial Fanatic

Financial & Business Contributor

For more information become an owner of my book, Wealth is a Mindset today!

Check out some of the reviews!

4.0 out of 5 stars “Wealth is a Mindset” was an easy read and speaks to the journey to financial freedom…

By Amazon Customer on January 26, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

“Wealth is a Mindset” was an easy read and speaks to the journey to financial freedom and wealth. I love Shynna’s story relative to how her father would make sure she was around when conducting business and how he taught her at an early age about creating wealth. This book can definitely add value and shift your mindset into the right direction in the most simplistic way. Kudos to you Shynna!

 5 stars Great Read

By Melsetta Veasey on January 26, 2017

Format: Paperback

Mrs. Key’s,

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with everyday people such as myself. Many times we dont realize the importance of financial freedom or crisis we are in or could be in. However, using this book as a tool and start to financial wealth for years to come. Thanks for this amazing book and wealth of knowledge. Keep up and inspire more..

 5 stars  Great job!

By Valentine Johnsonon February 2, 2017

Format: Paperback

I really like this book, it was an easy read and explained things in layman terms for everyday people like myself. I will certainly be looking for other books written by the author and hope she keeps up the great work!!



I Decide Who Gets My Money & Why.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed being with your family and friends.

Although I didn’t catch you before Brown Thursday, Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, I am catching you now!!

You see, we are under attack by these big businesses and  holidays.  Every month they have something for you.  So if you are the one that is effected by them be frugal and spend for a purpose.holidayshoppinggifts

What I mean by that, look for cash back deals.  Purchase items that will last a lifetime or make a lasting impression such as a self-help book, fund a startup business or open investment account.

Be in control of your economy and your financial future.  Remember the old saying, if it’s not broke don’t fix it or replace it.  That old saying alone will save you tons of money.

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