Just Because Your Not Born With A Silver Spoon In Your Mouth Doesn't Mean You Can't Get One.

It’s still a dream.  So, they say we are equal and have equal rights.   We are not there yet.  Now, yes we are all created equally but still not treated equally.  Somehow most African American’s aka Black people, which is what they call us is still living in poverty or just right above it.


I will tell you a few reasons why; this goes for the people that actually work, not for the ones that are lazy and sit on their tales.

How can the majority of the African American race ever be equal?  African American’s are not paid the equal amount for the same labor, men or women.  There is no comparable incomes.  That will always be the number one reason for the lack of living opportunities for African American’s.

African American’s are also the only race of human beings that will be kept as a temp for more than 1 year.  I have heard of a few even being kept a temp for 10 years.  Now that is just a disgrace.  Now, I must say you as a human being should not stand for that and don’t allow that.

Just look how most employers have to be motivated just to hire an African American by receiving an incentive to hire someone in the African American ethnic group.

Most African American’s have to work 2 jobs just to equal the 1 job of a Caucasian person’s income.  Even if an African American household have the wife and husband working, it takes both of their incomes to equal up to one Caucasian person’s income.

Now this is not a race card game, it’s a fact game.  Numbers and statics don’t lie.

Now that Trump is in office he wants to have a drug screen test performed on all of the recipients that get any type of government assistant in order to remain receiving their assistance.  Now we all know that the majority of the people that get assistance from the government is African American’s, right?  But, guess what, If they pass a law for African American’s to get paid equal to the Caucasian’s, African American’s wouldn’t  need the government assistance just as the majority of the Caucasian’s don’t.  The government would not need to find another way to kick the recipients off.  The recipients will no longer be eligible if they made a sufficient amount of money to survive and not just barely making it living pay check to pay check.

I encourage my children now not to look to the government for assistance.  They will keep you in the redline area’s with everyone that gets assistance and have control over where you live, where your children go to school, who can live in your home and so on and so on.

Government assistance is another form of control and to keep certain classification of people together.  It’s not worth it if you ask me.  That is another way to keep you living in poverty and your children going to low rating schools.

I have heard some people that get government assistance say they won’t even get a job that pay over the income guidelines just to stay in the system, their web to keep getting assistance.  I just don’t understand.  If you get the opportunity to make more and to get off of their assistance why wouldn’t want to live the way you should want to…

The things that make you go hummm……


By: Shynna Key- The Financial Fanatic

Financial & Business Contributor

Get your copy of my book, Wealth is a Mindset today!



Comments on: "Are We Really Equal or Is It Still a Dream…?" (2)

  1. Tareau Barron said:

    Preach!!! Great post Mrs. Key. It looks like a lot of us are on the same page. Also I finally read your nice book. Here’s the review…


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