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I Went Through A Lot To Be A Successful Entrepreneur Like My Dad….

I am just Shynna Key, the same young girl that had it twisted in the beginning. I was born into an Entrepreneurship family, where my late father, was a nightclub owner, which had multi-family units above the nightclub, which also made him a landlord.  As I watched the accountant come over every Saturday morning to go over my father’s books and continuous self-taught since my father’s murder, has turned me into the Entrepreneur that I am today, along with him have instilled in me and my siblings since the age of 6!  One of his popular quotes he would always say was to “be your own boss”!

Although, I was born into a successful family that did not guarantee me to live a lavish life and to become an entrepreneur as well.  Since I was raised in a household with lavish and fancy things, such as luxury foreign cars, houses, businesses and flashy wardrobes, I considered us as the flashy Huxtable’s!  I looked for the flashiness in the guys I selected to date. Now even though my mom sensed that the young men weren’t business owners, she tried to get me to realize that I was falling for the type of guys that had appeared to be like my dad and brother therefore to be able to give me the lifestyle that my dad had me accustomed to.

I haven’t realized as a teenager that the big difference was that they were street guys aka drug dealers and not business owners like my dad was. He earned and worked for his lavish successful lifestyle. He didn’t have to hide his lavish assets or go through the hassle of having to put things in the other person’s name. You see, I looked at the young guys that worked as they weren’t going to be able to provide the lifestyle that my dad did for his family.

With that poor judgement of mines, had me twisted and ended up going through hell; jail bids while waiting for the guys to come get out, then going back & forth to jail, a failed marriage, 2 domestic violence relationships, several children and even dating a guy that was on the run for 4 years that almost caused me to semi live a secret life until he got caught.  I just wanted to help recondition their mindset to see that they could make even more money safe and legally.  Only if they turned their moves into business moves and turn their fast money into legal money so that they could be around long enough to enjoy it and be proud of what they would have accomplished, instead of it being taken from them or them being taken away from it.

Though, for a short period of time I enjoyed being able to drive luxury cars, live in nice, big plush houses and had multiple streams of income from the different businesses that I had started.  With all good intentions, which was to be able to use their fast money and use it for business adventures to be able to carry out the dreams and the legacy of being a successful entrepreneur like my dad was.  

I found out the hard way through all the instabilities I dealt with because of the poor judgement and by learning that there is a big difference in being involved with a street guy and getting things the fast way instead of getting involved with a like-minded entrepreneur or a working guy, the wise, and be patient and create the lifestyle that I desired, I would have ended up being able to keep and enjoy the things that I had.

Enough was enough, I stopped beating myself up about my past choices which did not define my future.  I applied the 3 C’s, which is Choices, Change and Chance.  

That Girl That Had it Twisted until not long ago, Now This Lady made a turn and is Now, Shynna Key aka The Financial Fanatic, Author, Speaker, Financial & Business Empowerment Coach. My book titled Wealth is a Mind$et  is in 39,000 retail stores and in 13 counties!  

shyneon1-1See, I’m just like you who have dealt with adversity just a little differently and made it through with belief, faith, trust, determination and ambition.  I turned my testimony into a non-fiction story, with all my financial and business knowledge that will set you financially free and get your business rolling if you apply the information given.

Book Shynna Key to Empower You To Build Your Empire!  

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