Just Because Your Not Born With A Silver Spoon In Your Mouth Doesn't Mean You Can't Get One.

Building Wealth Made Easier…
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Investing Apps Came to the Rescue!

Create an Acorns account, Start investing with Acorns today! Get $5 when you use my invite code: https://acorns.com/invite/L3CW45.  Attach it to the card you use for daily expenses and the app will automatically round up every purchase you make to the nearest dollar. It then invests that “change” in a diversified portfolio that matches your risk profile.

It’s fun and easy!  I check this app almost as often as I check social media apps!  It became a wealth building interest habit!

It’s simple, it’s a win win and no brainer investment strategy.  If you’ve ever said you don’t have money to invest… you just lost your excuse.

But it’s not just Acorns that’s making it easy to make and invest money.

I know you have heard the saying follow the leader, so don’t try to reinvent the investment wheel, just follow the world’s smartest investors.

That’s exactly what another popular app will help you do.

It’s called iBillionaire, and it’s a simple way to track the investments of, presumably, the world’s greatest investors… the folks worth a billion dollars or more.  For a low fee of 0.08% per month, you can create a portfolio that mimics the strategies used by some of the wealthy people.

Worried you don’t have the time or knowledge to make smart investment choices?  Once again, you just lost an excuse.  Lean on the wisdom of a billionaire or two.

Finally, Robinhood. It’s an app created by two Stanford University students who realized the trade fees charged by traditional brokers, even as low as $7 to $10 are absurdly high compared to their costs.

They created an app that allows investors to make trades entirely for free.  Robinhood is now quite popular and has saved investors millions of dollars in trade fees.

No cash to invest?
Not anymore.

Don’t trust your own judgement?
Not anymore.

Tired of high fees?
Even that excuse is gone.

You have a couple of choices.  You can use these apps to build your own financial empire, or you can share them with the youth.

Now these are great meaningful apps that I wouldn’t mind my children on!

Either way, I’ve gotten rid of excuses for you.


If you want to better your relationship with your money,

You want real money answers,

Want to enhance your lifestyle,

then YES, you are ready for me!

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Wealth is a Mind$et- is not just a book, but a workbook and journal all-in-one!  It is your GPS to building your financial and business empire!  You can purchase your copy today “Wealth is a Mindset” – Shynna Key.

Wealth is a Mind$et is now also available on kindle, Click on the link below.

Much Gratitude for your continued support!

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Shynna Key
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