Just Because Your Not Born With A Silver Spoon In Your Mouth Doesn't Mean You Can't Get One.


Greetings Millionaires, Wealth Builder’s, Empire Builder’s & Like Minded Peers! 

 At times do you feel that you are at rock bottom?  If so, I want you to realize that rock bottom is the foundation in which is used to build your empire!

Pull your future into your presence.  If God give you a vision it is your duty to put in the work to fulfill them.

The person you’ll be in 5 years depends on the books you read and the people you surround yourself with.

Make your dreams your reality.  An investment in yourself pays the best interest.

Just to mention a few things the Wealthy do different……

  1. The Wealthy spend their time and money to build their dreams.
  2. They use their credit cards for growing and promoting their business, not funding their personal expenditures.
  3. They buy $40 shirts that will last for 4 years vs buying $10 shirts that must be replaced every year.

 Most people go to college to study to become whatever they desire to earn a degree in, so what’s wrong with studying to be Wealthy or a Millionaire?

After many years of being an Entrepreneur I have reinvented myself.  I am using vehicles to drive me to become a self-made Millionaire!  Stay connected and take notes as I share more information on how I am building my empire and how you can too!

Cheers to you for choosing to create the lifestyle you desire! 

I am now available for interviews, reviews, guest
post, features and speaking engagements! 

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Wealth is a Mind$et- is not just a book, but a workbook and journal all-in-one!  It is your GPS to building your financial and business empire!  You can purchase your copy today athttp://www.amazon.com/Wealth-Mindset-Shynna-Key/dp/1511822228

Wealth is a Mind$et is now also available on kindle, Click on the link below.

Much Gratitude for your continued support!

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Shynna Key Public Figure Page & Build Your Empire Group is where daily Financial & Business Empowerment is shared.  It is filled with people who are fearless & conscious enough to upgrade & recondition their mindset when it comes to dealing with financial, business entrepreneurship growth & ending the cycle of not knowing.

If you are searching for:

*Good feeds/knowledge
*financial & business growth
*enhancing your relationship with money/entrepreneurship
*how to pursue your passion or turn your gifts into profits
then this is the place to be!  Only you have control on how your empire will be built!

Have questions? Want ideas?  Need a boost?  I have you covered!  Connect with me!




Shynna Key

The Financial Fanatic

Empowering You to BYE (Build Your Empire)!

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